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Break-Even Point (BEP): The stock price(s) at which an option strategy results in neither a profit nor loss.

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A new and comprehensive tool is now available to help options traders carefully screen and identify the right options strategies for the right stocks at the right time.

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This blog post is an excerpt from the Essential Lessons of Investing Series.Actually all options strategies are pretty much useless on their own.Backline revolutionizes services through our Talkline and our workshops and trainings, which offer a unique model of inclusive and nonjudgmental support across the.

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Find the Best Covered Calls, Naked Puts and Spreads tailored to your investment goals.When looking at an option chain, you see all the data for an underlying asset and its related options.Listed option strategies and seasonal strategies have two important characteristics in common: Both have a starting point.The text book definition of an option is as follows: The right, but not the.This tool can help you search for options and strategies based on your preferences and tolerance for risk.This chapter explain you about option expiration, out-of-money,intrinsic value,extrinsic value,volatility and option pricing.

A Synthetic Long Stock is a bullish strategy whose profit (loss) behavior is identical to that of a long...Examples include butterflies, straddles, back spreads and conversions.

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This is without a doubt the biggest mistake an options seller can make.

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Over 50 Free courses and Webinar replays covering Options strategies, insights and Technical analysis tools Regardless of where you are with Options, take your skills.Selling options on high-risk stocks just because they offer high premiums is a lose-lose.

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In this course I take you through the fundamentals of options all the way to proven strategies that the professionals use in a simple easy to understand video.Learn how to employ intricate trading strategies in order to increase your binary options trading earnings.Equity options today are hailed as one of the most successful financial products to be introduced in modern times.Redbinaryoptions holds a huge collection of trading strategies and systems for profitable binary options trading.There are many option strategies at the disposal of the trader.Thomsett Nov 18, 2010. Topics:. With all options strategies,.

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Understanding the basic options strategies and knowing which strategies to use under different market conditions and outlooks is important for.

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Learn our Exclusive Step-by-Step Binary Options Strategies with an 84% Win-Rate.