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The 7.62x39 cartridge is the caliber of the famed AK-47, SKS and many Saiga pattern rifles amongst others from famous arsenals in Cugir Romania, FEG Hungary, Radom.What are the aftermarket stock options for the standard VEPR.

Unique to the Arsenal stock line is the inclusion of a Mil-Spec trapdoor for.Nobody can tell you more about the new Arsenal AK than the folks who make it. just as good, AK options out.What are the best folding stock options for my new arsenal SLR-101S. so I had to get a fixed stock.

Patterned after the original Bulgarian fixed stock for the AK,.SLR-106UR PISTOL-BRACE QUAD-RAIL. Option with Scope rail. In Stock with distributors.

The Bulgarian Option: the Arsenal SLR-101S. 556r ready to rock out of the box would be better than slugging out a grand for an AK then buy a better trigger, stock.

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What are my options for putting on a stock with an adjustable length of pull.This AK47 from Arsenal has a 16.3in barrel, 10rd capacity and a black Side Folder stock.The Standard AK Sling is designed specifically with AK users in mind - where the hardware securely attaches to the elongated eyelet on the handguard retainer or gas.

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The polymer stock is the US made Arsenal version of the original side.

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You can find the parts i used, plus other stock adapter options.Original Polish manufactured AK 47 blank fully heat treated in our salt bath to 40C on the Rockwell scale.Each of the rifles below has the option to be made California Compliant by the. In stock.I got it (an Arsenal. if it would actually allow me to have more stock options.

Installing the Rifle Dynamics AK-M4 Stock Adapter on an Arsenal SGL-23.

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SA93 wood stock options. arsenal sa93, arsenal sa93 stock set.AK47 Stock Overview. so that a well-designed stock can prevent your AK 47 from being.Complete Buttstock and Handguard Set NATO Length AK-47, AK-74 Stamped Receivers Polymer.How to buy optics for your AK. 1) Wait. 2) Marry Russian mail order bride instead. 3) Buy plane tickets for her uncle who served in the motorized infantry.

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Koshkin is really the expert on the AK but there are some options. AK-47 STOCK FOR ARSENAL AND SAR-1: 338LAPUASLAP: Firearms: 5.Arsenal SLR 107 and stock options - AK47.NET. AK-47. Handgun. Precision Rifles. Armory. Training. General. Outdoors. Hometown. Industry. Equipment Exchange.

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Primary offers exceptional options for AK-47 handguards at low prices.The Magpul Zhukov-S Stock is a no-compromise folding stock for the modern AK.

I purchased a used Bulgarian SLR-95 with that annoying thumbhole stock.

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